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    Interview part-time people only

    Stop wasting time and get in front of the right part-time people

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    Connect quickly

    Connect with part-time people to interview in hours or days, not weeks or months, saving you time and money

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    Match with the right people

    Say goodbye to those “Old School” job boards. Match up with the right people who are looking for exactly the part-time job you have to offer

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    Better communicate

    Never miss any communication. Let our engagement system handle the load designed to keep you and your prospects in the loop the entire time

How HipHire Works

You don’t pay a dime till connected

You’re in complete control the entire time!

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The HipHire difference

The more successful your business becomes, the greater your need will be to find the right team members. You don’t have time to continually hire new people every few weeks when that new hire only lasts a few months.

With HipHire, we provide you a simple process that helps determine who you should interview without sorting through job applications or wasting time with the wrong people. As new matches for your part time job are detected, you receive a email, keeping you in the loop.

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