3 myths about hiring part-time home healthcare employees debunked

The 3 Biggest Myths about Hiring Part-time Home Healthcare Employees

Are you having trouble finding and keeping the right people to fill part-time home healthcare jobs? Maybe it’s because you’ve fallen for the following myths. Get past these misconceptions and you can change your hiring process to fill those home healthcare positions more quickly. Better yet, you can hire better fits and increase satisfaction to help ensure part-time home healthcare …

Great companies need great employees, and HipHire helps connect them in Kansas City.

How HipHire Attracts Great Companies to KC

Kansas City is a hotbed of great companies—and continues to attract more start-ups and businesses  looking relocate. Great companies help define great cities, contributing to the community and drawing people there for work. The reverse is true as well. Companies need a strong pool of great candidates to fill positions in all roles. HipHire helps this self-perpetuating cycle by helping …


Help Wanted: Kansas City Businesses Dish on Finding Better Part-Time Job Candidates

Job boards, help wanted ads, signs in the window, word of mouth? How do you find great candidates for open part-time jobs? It’s an important question because when it comes to hiring well, finding great candidates is key. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to do. That’s why we chatted with three Kansas City businesses owners to get their top tips …

Mistakes happen

Mistakes happen – it’s just part of the job…

It’s attractive and tempting to assume that your customers love your brand. But, more often than not, they love your employees even more. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy frequenting my local Starbucks a few times a week. My favorite employee, we’ll call him Chris, is working at the front counter every time I stop in. Each visit he greets me pleasantly and asks me if I am going to have “The Usual,” to which I agree and think to myself how awesome it is that he has made a point to remember how I take my coffee. Customers don’t buy from companies – they buy from people! YOUR people! Relationships are truly the lifeblood to your business. Interchanging employees where strong business relations are concerned is a no-no.

My business is simple and is not complex to run

My business is simple and is not complex to run

How often do you visit a retail store or a restaurant, see employees restocking the shelves or checking someone out at the register and think that they have it pretty easy? The average individual tends to assume that certain jobs and businesses are simple and not complex. We look at the role of a retail employee, for example, as someone to help customers locate products and process their payments. However, these positions are often filled by high school students who not only have to regularly contend with customers, but also deal with other issues and complexities such as out-of-stock items, inventory and register malfunctions, and even understaffed departments/stores.