Part-time hiring: re-imagined

When you don’t have the right people working for you, your employees (and your customers) feel it.

W Why HipHire?

We know there is a pool of active job seekers looking for a better way to find flexible work. We also know there are plenty of part-time jobs available. Unfortunately, these jobs go unfilled because few people know they exist.

HipHire was created to help businesses and job seekers in connecting with their ideal match. Connecting the right people to the right job means your team will be engaged, motivated and happier.

Ancient job boards and online classifieds overlook the needs of both businesses and job seekers. At HipHire, we use a unique matching methodology designed specifically for the part-time job market. Our goal is simple: to empower businesses just like yours to make smart hiring decisions while drawing from the best possible list of available candidates.

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Our Story

The idea for HipHire took shape when founder Brian Kearns realized that part-time hiring had turned into a chaotic process.

As a former Director of Employee Experience, he’d developed a knack for finding people who would flourish and do well in the right job. Alongside his team, he created a wildly successful process for hiring and onboarding full-time employees.

Recognizing the lack of human resources for many businesses, Brian wondered if a similar system could be implemented for helping owners and managers streamline their process.

A firm believer that learning should be a lifelong endeavor, Brian signed up for a fast-track course with the Kauffman Foundation and set out to test his theory. After 12 months of research, experiments and interviews with job seekers and business owners, he identified many of the problems that contribute to high turnover.

With all these lessons learned, Brian found the solution – HipHire.

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Meet Brian Kearns

My name is Brian, and I’m the founder of I’m a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for connecting employers and workers who share a vision for the ideal workplace culture.

I believe that the key to finding quality part-time people is through a better employee fit. HipHire was built on the idea that employees thrive in a workplace that’s fun, collaborative and comfortable. And when you hire based on cultural match, you give your business many competitive advantages, including improved retention and performance to cost and time savings.

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